Bearclaw Manufacturing attends to the needs of fire performance artists. If you’re not familiar with the fire arts, please feel free to browse our galleries. But, in short, people take our tools and swing them rhythmically around their bodies to produce a synchronized sound and light show. Many incorporate theatrical elements into the show as well.

Unfortunately, the world of fire art is not populated with seasoned professional thespians and dancers, all well-versed in fire safety. So, our job as tool supplier splits into several different directions.

For the seasoned professionals, we have big, scary, high-performance tools that produce enough light to turn street lights off. We have whips and floggers, big nasty poi, swords and all kinds of freaky equipment.

For the rank amateurs, we have starter kits that include all the safety gear and basic tools needed to get a fire art career off to a great start. Our basic poi, staves, fingers fans and torches allow performers to extend safely into every area of fire.

And for the complete freaks, the divas, or just those without the right tools, we will design their dreams. We have produced a wide variety of custom tools, some got tweaked and placed on the site, some never made it for a variety of reasons.

But beyond fire tools, we have selected a line of shoes that meet the average performer’s needs. We contributed to a line of rubber clothing and accessories, to make them safer than leather. And we’ve been scanning the community for the top rated instructional dvds. It never stops. And now that the new web site is up, we can turn out attention to generating a whole new series of innovations for you.