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March Sale (?)

“Hey, I thought you guys didn’t do sales”

Yes, you’re right. As a general rule, we don’t.  But we’ feel this one is a little different.  First, it’s not really a “get this stuff out of here” kind of sale.  This has a nobler purpose: we’re supporting the NAFAA tool check day on March 31st.  The only things that are ON sale are the things we think relate to that: cut kevlar and poi grips.  You may have notice we charge a bit more for cut kevlar than for whole rolls.  Why, you may ask? Well, because there’s a little bit of labor that goes into the cutting and over the period of a roll, it adds up.  We gots to pay our little elves somehow.

As for the grips, well, there’s two things about that. 1) we don’t feel like a lot of people click down into that section as frequently as they could.  So this is a nice way to let folks know about the variety of the various grips we have in stock.  And 2) in the name of fire tool safety, we’re willing to take a little hit to have more poi spinners using fresh grips.  Really, of all the fire tools, poi grips are the biggest single point of failure, and one of the biggest sources of flying wicks.

Okay, and, yeah, we’re kinda hoping that when folks stop by for fresh grips, they’ll look at the poi section and just upgrade.  But we don’t wan to pressure.  We do want safety and that’s why just the grips (and only the safest ones) are on sale.

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