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Bearclaw Newsletter Feb 2016

The New Bearclaw Newsletter
Feb 2016
Hi Tedward,

This is the first Newsletter on this new system.  I was very pleased to see so many people signed up on the list already.  I was also a little concerned.  I fear some part of the website may be subscribing people automatically.  So, whether you’re amenable to getting out monthy updates or not, please let me know if you did not sign up for this.  We’ve always run our newsletter as Opt-in rather than opt-out, and I intend to keep it that way.

If I set everything up correctly, this letter should have links at the bottom to opt in and opt out of receiving these.  You can pass the opt-in along to people who might be interested, and, of course, use the opt-out to unsubscribe.

So, what’s new?  Well, not much, actually, I’ve settled into my wage-slave job nicely, and have begun to get the rhythm of doing fire tools on the side again.  It’s been lovely clearing my head from work with a little drilling and sawing.  Over  the next couple of months I hope to start building up stores for the annual easter festivities.

As for new toys, keep an eye out for our new hollow eating torches.  There’s some guys out there who have really expanded the art of fire eating, something I’ve been hoping someone would do for a very long time and I intend to support it with hollow body single and double end eating torches.

Plus, those of you with fire fingers may be pleasantly surprised soon.  I’m working on a new contraption for them that will add some show to your bearclaw fingers (which may have been, to be honest, the first hollow eating torches available to the public, ain’t life weird?).  don’t want to jinx it until they’re ready.

Also, for those of you who have an RSS thang going on, we’ll be posting these newsletters to the bear blog, so you can go back and read them, or pull them up to your favorite RSS reader.


Well, that’s all for now.  So far, i’m really diggingthe new site.  I’m working hard to give it maximum functionality without losing that minimalist charm.


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