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Closing shop

I’ve placed the following letter on the front page.  I think it says it all…

14 years ago, I started Bearclaw because I wanted to dedicate my life to the fire arts.  I performed, I would build tools, I participated in the great safety projects of NAFAA, and later I would build a talent management company for fire performers and run the longest, legal spin jam in the nation.

It’s been a fun ride [and there’s pictures to prove it].  But the little business that could isn’t making it up the hill any longer.  Bearclaw was supposed to be my retirement package: I could tinker with tools right into my 80s and yell at fire performers to get off the lawn.  :) But these last couple of years I’ve had to lay off people, friends.  I work alone in a very cheap apartment that I can barely keep running.  At this rate retirement will be very grim.

So, as some of you know, we closed down so I could try something different.  Something that will pay good money in hard times and good.  And it’s working.  I’m already making pretty good money (compared to fire tools).  And I stand to make a bit more as I progress.  What am I doing?  I’m a professional driver.  I’ve always loved the road, and now I have a chance to see as much of the nation as I can stomach.  :oP

What this means for me personally is that I can get back to performance.  Travelling broadly will allow me to do some busking, gather fire codes, and concentrate on filling out the new nafaa site.

What does this mean for Bearclaw?  Well, We’ve always had a history of innovation.  You may not know this but Bearclaw introduced: fire hoops, fire whips, fire swords, floating swords, static fans, spinning clubs, breakdown staves, self-cinching poi grips and so much more to the retail fire community and we intend to continue.

First, we will slowly bring back every tool we ever offered.  Not for sale, but in recipe form.  We’ll tell you step by step how to make them, where we get out materials, and what tools you’ll need (here’s a hint, buy a dremel now).  We’ll add a paypal link so’s you can tip us for the information, and when things settle down a bit and I have regular extra time, I may add the option to “have us make this for you” and get back to tinkering for my friends.  Plus I love doing the occasional custom order.

In the mean time, I know some of you still have need of raw materials (and don’t want to get tricked into buying something cheap), so our first offering is the kevlar we’ve always used, in bulk form, straight from our warehouse.

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