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Easter Sale?

yeah, i know, we’ve said we’d never have sales…..

But here’s the thing, when that decision was made, NOBODY in the fire community was advertising.  In a world where competitors (and not just a small handful anymore) ALL advertise, it’s really tough to keep the numbers up.  And when the landlord comes a knockin, it’s time for change.

First thing, we tried putting stuff on Amazon.  That wasn’t the best.  Our Econo poi sell pretty well, but to match the Amazon fees we have to jack the prices up quite a bit.  Now, this Easter sale is all about Facebook advertising.  Bearclaw has the fewest “likes” of all the pages I manage, so I thought it was time to put a little love into it.  i’d explore how post boosting worked by letting a post run it’s course, then “boost” it with $20 and seeing the difference.  then I ran into someone who used to run FB advertising help.  He said that more likes meant more reach with a boost, so I ran a “like and share” campaign for a free prototype.  That plus a couple people sending a lot of invites nearly doubled our likes.    Now, it could be a coincidence, but after the first boost, and after the share campaign, we got a noticeable surge in business.  go figure.  So, we’ll take a salary cut to keep the lights on.  Beats working a “real” job.

why easter?  Simple, I walked into store a couple years ago in Sept-fuggin-tember, and they had XMAS DECORATIONS.  Not even Halloween! I decided there and then that I would step on that fat elf’s holiday from then on.  So, starting the day after thanksgiving, we hold our easter sale.

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