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Economy Poi

Economy PoiEveryone sees the word “economy” and think “flimsy” or “cheap”. That’s why we were reluctant to use this here (and why we didn’t on our “lightweight” fans).

There’s basically two ways of economizing a construction process:  cheaper materials, or easy construction.  Shaving construction costs is pretty much the whole point of the factory line.  And that what we did here.

First, only one size.  That way we can make them, set them on a shelf and have them ready to ship.  Next, eliminate pricey connectors.  Modularity is wonderful, but we noticed a LOT of people don’t make use of it with their poi.  They buy them, use them, dispose of them: whole as originally purchased. Also, this is the first set of poi to ship without our famous 4-in-1 kevlar grips.  A small percentage of spinners are required to have self-cinching grips to perform some shows.  They’ll know not to get these; everyone else can use what they want.

Add this all up and you get an easy-to-build set of Economy Poi that are still made of the same tough stuff as our other options.  Even the heads are not a compromise: they’re identical to our basic staff heads.  So you should get lovely flames and long life.

You won’t ever see these on sale, because, of course, the price is as low as we can make them, but they’ll be easy on your pocket.

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