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Hollow torches

Okay, so we posted our first hollow torches today. I mention a bit of the back story, but here’s the whole deal.

I’m a fire-breather. I’ve been one for 30 years. All I’d ever seen anyone do were basic pops. Then I became active in the fire performance community and started working on new tricks alone, and with Dalmacio and Mykl from Inferno Inc. Before long, I had a crapload of new material that have become the standard book of fire-breathing stunts. See SoFB#1

For as long as I’ve been doing fire eating, I’ve been frustrated that there were only like 8 tricks you could do and most of them were essentially fleshing.

Then one day, I saw an aussie from the Flamewater circus doing the most amazing stuff with fire eating. I mean, this guy was not just a master, he had a whole new line of things to do. In short, he’s done for fire eating what I did for breathing.

I knew I had to support this. Yes, they are selling torches. And if you can find their store please support them. But if you must have this now, or you want a shorter wand for whatever reason, our 12″ hollow torches may be right for you.

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