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“Lightweight” fans

During the initial dip in the economy after the housing market crash, we were looking for ways to save people money. Everyone was buying Kevlar, nobody was buying big ticket items. Clearly a lower cost item was needed in every tool grouping. An economy poi model was also introduced at this time.

Careful observers will notice that approximately the same materials go into the lightweight fans as in the original Countach Fans. The real savings in these models is in the time factor to create them. The Lightweights are much easier to build, about an hour quicker than the original. This saves in labor costs. The labor savings are then passed on to the customer.

The difficult part was the name. Somehow, Economy Fans made them sound cheap or flimsy. We discovered that their bodies were, in fact, a couple ounces lighter than the original Countach. So, we went with the moniker “Lightweight”. For the record, the term Countach [koon – tahsh] is an Italian slur. When the Lamborghini company release it’s Countach model at a car show, they named it after the first sound uttered by the stunned audience. A reporter said “Countach”, loosely translated and toned down: “Holy Crap.”

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