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Yes, finally after years of patching the old one together, we have a new store.

To get started right away, just pop down the “shop” menu and see the category options.

For those interested, this is a modified 2011 theme fronting for Woocommerce.  we’ve made a few tweaks (like that nasty ole top banner bug), and added a few Wc plug ins to get ‘er going.  We’ve already had a successful paypal test, so we’re off tot he races!  Now, I know the first thing you’re gonna ask. Yes, we plan on USPS shipping  with actual quotes at some point, but, the down side is that all the items currently for sale have been manually entered.  And I’m sure I forgot a few bits of data here and thee to make the USPS shipping work properly.  Plus, it’s a slightly pricey package, so we’ll have to wait for a few good orders.

The old cart is still active so all those old links will still work, unfortunately.  the two carts don’t work together, so, once we have all the data off the old site, we’ll have to crash it.  Somehow, I’ll do what I can to save it.  Anyway, Enjoy!

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