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Our adjustable fire fingers are one-size-fits-all solution for anyone who wants to add an elegant touch of fire. Unlike other models in the community, these are designed for a tight, firm fit and to be worn in the middle of the finger, to give an extra knuckle of flexibility. This allows Hula and traditional Hindu dancers the full expression of their art.

Round struts provide much more strength than previous versions, and the adjustable rings will fit just about everyone. The rings are one inch wide for impeccable security and the all brass construction means durability. Wicks are a 9″ roll of our thin 1″ kevlar, secured with kevlar thread: so they can be safely eaten.

“When we first started making fingers, we had a clumsy system with fitted rings and flat shafts. When it came time for a re-design, we took a look at the resources available. By that time, production of the Countach Fans had left us with a tremendous amount of scrap tubing, 9′ and 12″ long (one each per fan). So, we used the 9″ struts to make new fire fingers, and eventually realized that people might want the 12″ model too. This was our first big breakthrough towards zero industrial waste.” -Tedward

12″ fingers are more weighty than 9″. Beginners should consider the 9″ version.

Sold individually or in sets of 8 or 10.

Tech Specs:
Wick width: 1″
Wick height: 1″
Finger weight: 0.9 oz (each)
Fireball size: 2″ (approx diameter)
2″ wick (equiv) per set of 10: ~2′

These fans are constructed to the NAFAA tool construction standards.

For more information about our fire fingers, check out the article in The Bear Blog.

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