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Originally, we introduced our Solaris Fire Poi as a size and shape all their own.  However, after playing with the design and wicking sizes, you’ll see we have a number of options.  The Hexagonal cathedral shape has been extremely popular since the introduction.  The solaris wicks offered here are grouped by size.  There are, for example, a solaris option on the “large” kevlar poi, that is merely the shape, the weight is identical to the large. We suppose you could call the items here “extra large wicks”.

Solaris fire poi are some of our brightest yet. These are a new spin on the idea of cathedral folded, pure Kevlar wicks, but bigger in every way (18 feet of kevlar/pair). The Solaris wicks burn about 5:00 minutes on white alone, can handle other fuels like cathedrals, and provide a fireball so bright that most electronic sensors treat them like a sunrise. They’re specifically designed to work with the Fuel Stations, each wick fits comfortably inside a fuel can.

This signature design was developed here at Bearclaw and honed to a smooth and eminently functional tool. Care has been taken to provide a unilinear balance for a smooth spin. The bottoms have been covered with a layer of kevlar to prevent heated metal burns. The standard 4-in-1 grips allow fire performers to select self-cinching grips, static loops, double loops, or a special quick release grip we call “the nail.”

We have different shapes for these wicks. All types are about the same weight, but the ‘tall boy’ shape gives a bit bigger flame for a slightly shorter burn time.  They’re 4.5″ tall and have the same amount of kevlar as the original, it’s just 1.5″ wide kevlar instead of the 2″ originals. The pearls are like little xmas trees giving more gravitational push on the bottom, making your chains feel longer or more responsive.

Sold in pairs, your choice of length.

poi_measureBecause different wicks have different heights, and chains have different types of connectors, we do not accept “chain length” for poi lengths. All poi measurements should be from the hand to the bottom of the wick. If you don’t currently have poi, or aren’t sure if they’re the right size for you, just measure from wrist to armpit.


Tech Specs:

Wick width: 3.5″
Wick height: 3″
Wick weight: 7 oz (each)
Fireball size: 10″ (approx diameter)
2″ kevlar tape per wick: 9′
These poi are constructed to the strictest interpretations of the NAFAA tool construction standards.

For more information about our Solaris poi, check out the article in The Bear Blog.

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