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Like the Solaris poi, the items offered here have gone through some changes.  You can find this shape in our “large” poi as well.  However, these wick are our absolutely largest offerings.  Please keep in mind that with twice as much wick as our large wicks, these produce much more force on your hands.

Death star poi are our largest fire poi to date with the largest wicks we sell (23 feet of kevlar/pair). The Death star wicks burn about 4:00 minutes on white alone, but have a 2 stage burn: 2 minutes of the biggest, scariest fireballs you can imagine, then another 2 minute of a smaller cathedral type burn. They can handle other fuels like cathedrals, but white gas seems to work best.

The materials used in all of Bearclaw’s chains are the very best we can find. The ball chains cannot be found in most hardware stores, nor can the connectors made of the same material. The quick links are designed for chains of considerably larger torque than necessary for these poi, as are the bolts. The grips are made of Kevlar to provide the same strength as steel, yet provide responsive weight transfer to the user. The result, a set of chains rated at approximately 4 times the strength needed to perform most stunts with the wicks fully loaded.

Inspired by our “tall boy” Solaris wicks, the Death Stars come in two flavors too. Our original, big McNasty wicks, and the even nastier tall configuration. We make these with an equal weight of 1/8″ wick and just add more stacks. Now your death stars can easily fit in a gallon can and might squeeze into the buckets in our Fuel Stations (one at a time :)  But we don’t stop there.  For true size queens, we offer the Double Death Stars.  Yup, our biggest, nastiest, arm-shreddingest poi.  Seriously, these are HEAVY, and the fire is absolutely atomic.  We recommend only the strongest, fittest performers try these, with longer chains, and high heat clothing.

Sold in pairs, your choice of length.

poi_measureBecause different wicks have different heights, and chains have different types of connectors, we do not accept “chain length” for poi lengths. All poi measurements should be from the hand to the bottom of the wick. If you don’t currently have poi, or aren’t sure if they’re the right size for you, just measure from wrist to armpit.



Tech Specs:
Wick width: 6″
Wick height: 3.5″ (6″ double)
Wick weight: 9.5 oz (each) (18 oz. double)
Fireball size: 12″ (approx diameter)
2″ kevlar tape per wick: 11.6′ (21.5′ double)

These poi are constructed to the strictest interpretations of the NAFAA tool construction standards.

See them in action:

Super slow motion of fire dance shot by high speed camera at 420fps, 14x slower than real speed.

Fire Deathstar poi performance by Michael “Kael” Komalarajun.

Cinematography, Edited & Directed by Yo Suzuki / 鈴木陽 ( Love Mushroom Studio).

Music by:

FireDrums 2010 ( )
Santa Cruz, California, USA.


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Full poi with chains, Wicks only

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Original, Tall Boy, Double


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