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Shortly after we introduced our basic staves, people started asking for something that would fit in their trunk, or in a backpack, or in a toolkit. The requests kept coming, so we had to innovate a new kind of tool. The multi-part staff was introduced. We went through several models but the first to make it to the website was our 3-part staff.

The simple design of the 3-part staff has made it a very popular tool since it’s introduction. Essentially, it’s 3 pieces of equal length, with wicks and connectors. For the connectors, we went through a large variety of types: screw-in, crutch, quick release, slide and click, progressive tension, rotational tension, gravity grip … I could go on. But, in the end, we chose the “crutch” style.

Each connector has it’s problems and strengths, and the “crutch” style connectors are no different. First they’re directional: if you push one direction they’re secure, but go the other way, and they can release. In actual crutches, they make sure the secure direction is the one you depend on. Same with these, we wanted to make sure that in normal spinning, the connectors would be most secure. The down side is that you can’t use these staves for vaulting, or jabbing motions.

On the flip side, the 6″ overlap we install makes the joints stronger than the main tubes alone. This overlap allows for a certain amount of “rattle” if you shake it right, but such noises rarely occur during spinning. They are based on the tolerance of the telescoping tubes and can generally be prevented with a single wrap of scotch tape.

Like the 3-part basic fire staff, the Instructor’s staff breaks down to 3 pieces with the longest piece 3′ long. But the difference with this stick is that it assembles into variable lengths like the great staves. This staff starts at 4′ long, and extends up to 6′ long in 3 inch segments. This allows users to really zero in on the length of staff that’s most comfortable for them. Maybe you like a 5’6″ stick, but always wanted to try another length, say, 5’9″ or even 6 feet.

Perfect for instructors, spin jam operators, or just anyone who runs into first time staff spinners a lot. But don’t get boxed in either. Sometimes you might want a 4′ stick and a 5′ stick and a 5’6″ one for your friend. This one could be the ‘every staff’ for you, too.

Next, we introduced the All in One kits and wanted a staff that could fit inside one of those cases. Unfortunately, a 3-part staff that would fit in an 18″ toolbox would only be 3.5 feet long. More of a baton, really. So, we added another level of connectors (which looked a lot like one of the original prototypes), and came up with the 5-part staff. Again, same strengths and features of the 3-part, just 18″ pieces and a 5.5 foot length. The 5 part staff has extra holes in strategic locations to allow multiple lengths like the instructor’s staff. Now this staff can be set at 4′ or 5.5″ or anywhere in betwee in 3″ segments.

Sold individually, wick options available.

For more information about our multipart staves, check out the article in The Bear Blog.

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