Basic Fire Sword


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The basic fire sword is a lightweight straight sword based on the japanese Katana. The cutting edge is a smooth double bead that can be used in mock slashing. The back of the blade is a long hybrid wick that runs the entire length. For safety, a circular crossguard protects the two-hand grip.

These spectacular showstoppers are sure to provide audiences with a new treat whether you choose to use them in slow or fast styles. The sealed cutting edge allows the user to get closer to the flame than most tools. The 2 foot wick provides a spectacular flame for spinning or even producing small fireballs.

 “After settling down for the design on the welded swords, I knew we’d need a more economic model. The basic sword came about to try to keep the big flames of the welded swords, without the prohibitive cost of the larger tool. These replicated the welded swords a little too well and require the same one minute warm up time before they produce their full flame. As it happens, the basic sword became the model for the twin welded swords.” -Tedward

Download care and maintenance instructions: in PDF

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 36 in


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