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The basic fire baton is a super lightweight design with meticulous Bearclaw balancing. This super-simple design makes for a long-lasting and sturdy tool. But, of course, we had to add design improvements. First we added a little weight to the tips to give it a better spin, we cap the ends with metal to keep the tube from convection flashing, and we have 3 screws holding the kevlar wrap.

Baton is limited to 1/2″ tube diameter and no more than three feet in length. Sold individually, custom lengths on request.

The offset baton is another one of our crossover tools. It’s got the same tubing and length as a regular baton. Plus, you might notice, it has torch balls near each wick. This is where the fun begins.

The offset batons started out as an oversized eating torch. Double ended, with the torch balls intended to protect the users hand while eating. We shipped the custom order, but the Bearclaw staff made a second set for the shop, and regularly started playing with them.

We kept the torch balls on for several reasons. First, they do make a nice hand stop to let you know that fire is just 6 inches away. Second, a few people can actually use the torch balls for torch spinning. It takes some getting used to, but it’s quite possible. Third, they add weight to increase the tip-weight of the staff for a smoother spin. In finally, they make a great position notifier for translating sword-style moves, directly over to staff. That’s a big bonus for sword fighters.

The Offset II’s trade one ball for a larger wick on one end. Because of some careful work, these are still center-balanced. However, when you slide down to the ball for offset spinning, the “outside” wick is much largerĀ and is less likely to blow out before the “inside” wick.

So, whether your base is in staff, sword, escrima, or torches, you’re sure to find a little magic in these refined tools. Sold singly or in pairs. Watch them in action:


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