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The combat fire sword is the biggest fire we offer on a sword to date. Built on a slatted wooden chassis, the backbone of this beefy boy is meant to bend and flex with impact giving it the best resistance to violent impact allowable without being too dangerous to your opponent. Plus it’s kevlar sheathing is cleverly designed to immitate a broadsword nicely and provide huge flames while allowing you to use almost any fuel.

These spectacular showstoppers are sure to provide audiences with a new treat whether you choose to use them in slow or fast styles. Each one is over 3′ long with a 3-hand grip allowing you full fulcrum control for precise blade placement. The Regular blade provides a short, furious show on a well balanced chassis. The Heavy blade swords have an extra layer of wick to give them longer burns with a heavier tip-weight.

A side note, we strongly recommend that only experienced sword performers use these tools for combat. The flame size is such that improper use can lead to serious burns. Also, while these swords have a fairly long life when used against each other, fervent use or foreign objects can reduce their safe lifespan.


 “I can’t tell you how many models of combat sword I went through before settling on this design. Most were destroyed in a single use. But I ran across something like this being used by the Canon twins from Reno and knew it was a winner. They didn’t give that nice metallic clang that some designs do, but they outlast those designs by dozens of uses. So we cut a deal, tweaked the design a bit, and now offer simply the best full-contact sword available.” -Tedward

See them in use. A live, onstage, unchoreographed combat.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 48 in


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