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Bearclaw’s contact fire torches give a long burning show and large fire despite a compact size designed for fire eating. These 19″ torches can be eaten, spun, or used for contact fire (fleshing). The business end of these baby’s have no exposed metal, even at the tip, which allows for safe contact with the body, mouth, or whatever you might like to burn. The square hybrid wick has a thin kevlar shell to allow a wide range of fuel transfer for beginning to experienced contact performers. The wick easily rotates to help insure a flat side is always down for consistent fuel transfer.

All of our eating and fleshing torches have a standard hardwood body, with 6″ brass fire break. On the opposite end from the wick a small wood spinning ball allows for light spinning, or just a really good grip point. All of our torches meet NAFAA standards for tool construction.

Price listed is per pair.

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