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The Countach fire fan is a solid fire fan that produces 90 degrees of beautiful fire. This is a “static” fan, so it doesn’t open or close. The body, however, is a sturdy brass construct that’s just light enough for gun spinning and fast motion. The decorative loops at the bottom make it easy to grip and spin. Old world charm meets rugged fire tool.

Like it’s Countach cousins, these fans have long hybrid wicks. This gives them long burn times even on white gas or alcohol. Other fuels are not recommended, nor are they needed. However, because of the large flames and agile size, this tool may be a bit intense for spinners new to fire.

“While not our first design for fans, These certainly have been the most enduring. the loop design in these lead to the plethora of imitators you see today. This super fast and stable hoop was adopted as the official fire fan of Steampunk. These small, light and quick fans will delight you for years.” -Tedward

Sold in pairs by default, singles available.

Tech Specs:
Wick width: 2′
Fan weight: 11 oz (each)
Fan Size: 13″ from base to tip.
Fireball size: 2′ arch
2″ kevlar tape per wick: 4′ (equiv.)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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