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Bearclaw is proud to have been on the vanguard that introduced spinning fans to the fire community. We’ve sold a bunch of Countach fans over the years that helped fuel the Tech Fan movement. But it’s hard to design a tool for a set of skills that don’t yet exist.

And that’s where these new Tech Fans come in. We went back to our old design, took a look at what worked and what didn’t. Holes for one finger…out. Holes for two (maybe three) fingers, in. Harsh corner at the bottom, out. Smooth curvy bottom in. More even weight distribution, and wicks just a little bit farther out. Add side finger brace points and you have Bearclaw’s answer to tech fan spinning, the Countach Tech.

Plus, for the first time, we’ll be offering your option of wicks. You can have the original, Big Bad fire of our Countach hybrid wicks [for spinners who will use ONLY white gas or alcohol], or the slightly smaller flame [but can use any fuel], all-kevlar, rope wicks that have been so popular on our economy model. Sold in pairs by default, singles available.

Tech Specs:
Wick width: 2′
Fan weight: 12 oz (each)
Fan Size: 14″ from base to tip.
Fireball size: 2′ arch
2″ kevlar tape per wick: 4′ (equiv.)

These fans are constructed to the strictest interpretations of the NAFAA tool construction standards.

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