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Tired of throwing fuel on the ground? Or maybe you’re looking for a super portable dipping system. Well look no further, the dip and drain system is here.

A deceptively simple system, the clear bucket allows you to dip one wick at a time, the included funnel allows you to recover the excess fuel back to the retail container. Slip the lid on with the wick inside and you can spin off your wicks without throwing fuel everywhere. Just unscrew the cup while holding the wick and you can recover the spun-off fuel as well.  The funnel fits inside the cup and seals in any last residue, keeping it from spilling in your pack. Plus, the cups are high-heat, shatterproof plastic.

Perfect when space or weight is an issue (3.5″ wide by 4″ tall, 3oz). This size fits all our small, medium and large poi wicks in either pure kevlar or hybrid. It fits our spinning torches, staves, and batons with single 2″ or 3″ wicks. And it also works with our contact and eating torch line.

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