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Times are hard, we get it. So, we took a long look at poi and tried to come up with a design that eliminated a lot of those little expenses that can make your fire tools more expensive. We cut a lot of things out and came up with this elegantly simple design that has replaced our “small” kevlar poi.

Part of the simplicity of this design is a standard length with 18″ of chain. Wooden ball grips are built right into the chain, and the tube core wicks attach to the chain with the same screws that hold the wick on the core.

Simple, elegant, smooth, and well-tested.

For more information about the EconoPoi, check out the article in the Bear Blog.

Tech Specs:
Wick width: 2″
Wick height: 2″
Fireball size: 5″ (approx diameter)
2″ kevlar tape per wick: 5′

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs


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