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Ever had a Fire Marshal tell you that you must pull the pin on your extinguisher for a show? Ever had to deal with that extinguisher afterwards? All too frequently, when you pull the pin on an extinguisher, it never goes back in. Either you got an extinguisher with the little metal grenade pin, instead of the plastic self-locking pin, or you don’t have a zip-tie for the grenade style pin. Then, later, you risk that extinguisher getting accidentally triggered while rolling around in your trunk or back seat. Then you not only have a powdery mess, but you’re short an extinguisher.

While this may not be a particularly common problem, it’s happened enough that we put forth the effort to fix the issue. This replacement pin attaches to the extinguisher so that it can’t be lost. Then, it fits into the same size hole as the standard grenade pin, but clips on so that you’re sure to never lose it. Just un-pin before the show for fastest extinguisher response, and re-pin after to prevent powdery messes.

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