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Unlike most of our offerings, we do not make the base unit for this tool.  Since each Cyr must be customized for it’s user, and we do not have the facilities to manufacture cyr’s, this option is a conversion from Cyr wheel to fire cyr, or Feu Cyr.

A complete Cyr must be shipped or provided to bearclaw before we can begin.  It should be finished and “skinned” for us to proceed.  We’ll then get busy adding 15 SafetyFlex wicks to the rim and add a circle of wick similar to the Sunhoop Ring II.  Unlike the ring, it can’t be made flat or it will cook the skin and parts of the user. So, the spines are inserted at an angle, this will limit coinspins on that side when the wicks are installed.

Each wick can be removed, or the wick can be broken just at the joints for rapid breakdown.  Your option.  Also, you need not have all 5 segments in place, if you want a custom look, you can take out one or more.

Two basic installation options exist.  45 degree placement pushes the wick more outwards, helps keep your hands cool.  30 degree closes up the gap, but allows closer floor work on that side of the Cyr.

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