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The Feuer Stix brand fire flower stix is our latest innovation on an old idea. Our 27" long offering is built, from the ground up, to Bearclaw's strictest safety and performance standards. Every part is carefully selected and crafted for fire safety and high performance.

We start with a flame retardant fiberglass shaft covered in high heat silicon rubber. The fiery ends are protected by a two-stage washer (metal/silicon) so your control sticks won't get caught up in the works.

The main wicks are attached to a metal shaft that runs the length of the tool. But unlike most other designs, there's no metal chains to catch and burn at the tips. Instead, we have kevlar covered flops attached to short chains for maximum safety and a big nasty burn that you'd expect from Bearclaw.

Currently, there are three options for the flops. The two flop version has two flops on short chains. This is the better choice for people who don't have a comfortable relationship with flame. The other, the 4, has four flops on longer chains for a bigger, less compact fireball. Definitely intended for people who are quite comfortable with fire. The 4 flop version is much more resistant to rolling than the 2 flop. And for those people who prefer a lot of roll, we have a no-flop version; which is also the smallest fire.  Shaft comes in the original "stiff" form we developed for the Grande's. the old lighter "bouncy" shafts are still available on special request.


"I've never been a big fan of any fire tool that doesn't allow for direct control. I tried making these several times but never came up with a version I really liked. I think the real problem was trying to build them on a shaft designed for non-fire versions. When I really put out the search for high-heat materials, I was pleasantly surprised to find products that were not only available, but superior in many ways. The shafts are grippy, there's just a little bounce, and the roll is precisely controlled. I've even started playing with them myself…" – Tedward

Each unit comes with 27" Stix, plus 2 control sticks (18").


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