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The Bearclaw Dancing cups are a whole new spin on the standard palm torch / hand candle idea. They’re about the size of a sherry glass (or a shot glass with a stem and base). But they deliver a LOT of performance. First, fueling these babies is easier than almost any other tool. The cup is sealed so you pour the fuel in, wait, then pour it back out. Done.

Next, the double base allows you to slip your fingers in, hold the cup securely in the up or down position, or set it down whenever you want. The Cup itself does, indeed get hot, but the base rings keep your hand well enough away from it. If you need or want to, the cups can be set down on any hard surface to extinguish them.

And finally, the show: hold these still and the flame shrinks down to a mellow, manageable size. Flick your hands or jiggle the cups in any way and a small fireball pops out and the flame rushes back to full height. Swing these around, even hold them upside down for a few seconds, it’s all good. These may be the sexiest flame ever produced.

And finally, the original version of these graceful torches came with a small, kevlar wick similar to our fire fingers. And that produced plenty of show for indoor performances. However, some folks have been looking for more flame, something more resilient for outdoor shows, or longer lasting shows. And we found a way. these cups now ship with either the original wicks or with small hybrid wicks similar to our Perfect torches for big fire and extended performance times.

Price listed is per pair.

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Kevlar, Hybrid


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