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The Bearclaw fire flail is the optimum in ‘fireplay’ flogging. Based on our famous fire flogger, the flail adds a swivel handle with german ball bearings for the smoothest slickest action and ease of use.
The fire flogger is a two-fold show. The hybrid wicks burn amazingly with white gas and these will produce a big, bright fairly-long show. But the real fun begins when they’re used for “fire play” or painting fire on the sub’s body. You can get two kinds of strike out of these: a thud and a whisk. The thud will usually transfer fuel, but bounce off without lighting it. The whisk will transfer flame and heat without spreading fuel. Naturally, you should be well versed in the tool and how it expresses and lights fuel before trying on a partner.

The 5″ finger hybrids are a complete seal of kevlar around cotton. The 12″ falls give a lot of play between the fingers and the handle. The aluminum handle has a torch ball at the top for good grip in either sword or torch holds. The handle is a 6″ weighted swivel handle that makes these a comfortable poi-like tool and appropriate for show spinning with white gas.

Sold individually. Choice of handle colors

For more information about our fire floggers, check out the article in The Bear Blog.


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