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Perfect for new spinners, and a dream for busy professionals, the Bearclaw performance kits have basic tools in a complete deluxe fuel station. The fuel station is lockable and self-sealing, and all the tools fit inside, many with room to spare. Ideal for the busy performer who needs to travel light and secure.

Our poi kit comes with our Medium Kevlar Poi and wick covers. The kevlar poi are a 2″ cube kevlar wick, with heavy steel ball chain, and our kevlar 4-in-1 grips. Wick covers are completely UV reactive, high visibility covers that allow you to use your fire tools like practice tools. And since the main body is made of duvetyne, they’re even safe to use once you’ve lit your tools up. Plus, they keep the char from your wicks from getting all over your trunk, pocket or kit.

All kits come with a deluxe fuel station that includes: 1 steel storage box (20″, red), a square yard of duvetyne, and a Bearclaw oil lighter. Plus, one fuel can plus our Dip and Drain system. The starter kit plus includes a basic instructional DVD for everything your starter spinner needs except fuel.

All kits are geared to supply beginners with everything they need, and professionals on the go. The fuel cans automatically seal and stay forced shut when the kit is assembled. Also, the design of this set-up allows performers to remove the tray and leave some tools soaking in the cans while the box lid is closed and secure.

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