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Bearclaw’s fire tassels have been so oft requested by private practitioners that we decided to release them to the general public. These tassels start with thin brass pasties, backed by latex-free, high heat, silicone rubber to dampen heat transfer. From the tip is a brass ball chain that, because of the chain’s construction, extends forwards a bit. On the bottom of the chain is the smallest hybrid ‘punkin‘ wick we make.

While we’d like to see these on a myriad of users, we feel we must point out that during testing, the ladies with breasts smaller than full A cups tended to have heat issues on their chests and stomaches. So larger cup sizes are preferred.

Included in the box are two ‘one size fits most’ pasties with tassels. Also, a starter bottle of spirit gum is included. We strongly recommend 91% isopropyl alcohol as the fuel, and discourage the use of any petrochemical (regardless of breast size).

 “I gotta say, testing these out was one of the highlights of the job. But I really do want to point out that these are still fire tools. You must practice good fire safety, both during rehearsals and during the show. As the man in black said: “There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, it would be a shame to damage yours.” -Tedward

Pasties are 2.5″ diameter cones. Chain is 3″ long. Punkin is 1″ diameter. Larger pasties can be custom built for your needs.

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