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The Bearclaw Fire Whip III is the most customer-guided whip we’ve ever made. We took all the comments people made about the Whip II and our original hybrid fire whip, plus we assembled fresh ideas (and complaints) into one beautiful package that beginners and experts alike will absolutely love.
From one end to the other, first, we added a torch ball on the back end. We’re not sure why, other than you asked for it…. repeatedly. We think some people use it actually as a torch for spinning, others just like that nice firm hand stop.

Next, the 18″ glossy aluminum tube that’s been the staple of our whips since the beginning. Long enough to escape the fire if you need to, but not so long as to make it feel like a buggy whip. [For UK whippers, the handle is included in our length estimations, so an 8′ whip has 18″ of handle and 6.5′ of flexible “whip”].

Attachments. We’ve always double-attached the whip to the handle to make it fully NAFAA compliant. But a couple of you said that you wanted an indication of the “hot zone” of the handle. So, we moved back the second attachment 6″ to give you a blind, tactile indicator that the heat is near.

Taper. Some of you preferred the distinct taper of the original whip, some thought the whip II’s taper was sufficient. But it took an old school whip maker to point out the physics of the fall and cracker. So, this whip has a full-length taper, with a 2′ fall at the end and the smallest cracker attachment we’ve ever designed. The result? Simply the loudest, easiest to crack whip we’ve ever made. And possibly the most accurate, too.

Cracker. Originally, we shipped these with a small hole to thread your crackers through, but a local whipster kept breaking the loop and ended up just tying them on. We looked at this and realized the physics were in his favor this way and adopted the mode. Now, crackers just tie on to the end which has a little bulge to keep them from sliding off. The result is a long life tool.

Overall, this is a beautiful tool. As usual, we don’t recommend any length longer than 8′ for beginners. But we will gladly customize your length to whatever you like. Just add your notes in the shopping cart and we’ll be in touch.

8′ standard length.
For more information about our whips, check out the article in The Bear Blog.


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