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The “floating” fire sword is a completely new beast that’s sure to make staff, sword, and torch spinners go absolutely crazy.

For sword spinners, this is a sword with the center of gravity well behind the typical area where you’d hold on. Most swords have the center of gravity well into the blade/wick area, so this one has a “floaty” feeling that’s very different from martial swords. Still has big nasty fire and can withstand light contact, this Countach Sword is highly showy.

For staff spinners, this sword has a center of gravity well away from the wick instead of inside it. The optional tapered grip allows this sword to be used like a contact staff. Torch spinners can order this sword with or without a partial grip and spin this like a 3’+ torch. The brass counterweight makes a smooth and comfortable spinning ball and the huge wick make for serious flames.

“The floating sword was originally designed by Sean of Flow Toyz. It was brought to me to build a more economical version (the original was on a titanium shaft). After playing around with the design a bit, several problems that I’d been trying to solve gelled into one. We added the torch ball for spinning which also became the counterbalance for the ‘floating’ feeling. Being classically trained in sword combat, I may never have come up with this design on my own.” -Tedward
42″ standard length, 5/8″ shaft diameter, 25″ wick in standard mode. Also available in 48″, 36″ and 24″ lengths, proportionate. Three grip options available:

Standard plain – no grip tape or tapering, just the shaft and ball.
Semi grip – handlebar cork grip around center of gravity.
Tapered grip – full build up of cork to facilitate contact staff.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 48 in


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