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The Feuer Stix brand fire flower stix is our latest innovation on an old idea. Our 36″ long offering is built, from the ground up, to Bearclaw’s strictest safety and performance standards. Every part is carefully selected and crafted for fire safety and high performance.

We start with a flame retardant fiberglass shaft covered in high heat silicon rubber. The fiery ends are protected by a two-stage washer (metal/silicon) so your control sticks won’t get caught up in the works.

The main wicks are attached to a metal shaft that runs the length of the tool. But unlike most other designs, there’s no metal chains to catch and burn on the end. Instead, we have kevlar covered flops attached to short chains for maximum safety and a big nasty burn that you’d expect from Bearclaw.

Currently, there are two main options for the stix. The grande stix have a longer shaft, more weight and slower action. They’re great for beginners who need a little extra reaction time. The regular stix are faster and more appropriate for experienced artists.

“After we got the first round of feuer stix done, we ran into Glenn, one of the original folks who got devil sticking started. He likes his stix BIG, a sentiment we can appreciate here. So we kicked out a large size version based on the newer stiff-body stix. They’re heavy, and take some getting used to, but once you do, this is a big, bright, dazzling show. These are the ones I’m learning on.” – Tedward

Each unit comes with 36″ Stix, plus 2 control sticks (18″).

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