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Finally, a breather’s bottle that meets Bearclaw, NAFAA, and FM standards for delivering fuel. This bright red, high-density, high-heat, plastic bottle is absolutely in no way like any drinking bottle you could possibly find. The brass top seals the deal insuring that your fuel bottle cannot be mistaken for a consumable.

The bottle is shatterproof and crush resistant allowing it to be dropped from a man’s height without breaking, and even survives bonfires for a few seconds. It has a wonderfully simple brass mechanism that delivers a mouthul of fuel in less than a second but must be pushed in to deliver any fuel at all, so no spills; even when dropped.

Large bottles are 1 quart size with an indented handle and easy-grip dimpled exterior. They are, without question, entirely different in both look and feel from any water or soda bottle that might be found around a dark fuel station. The brass fittings are easily disassembled for cleaning or to change internal seals.

Now ships with an alternate screw-in lid that turns this fuel delivery bottle into a fuel storage bottle.

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