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Years ago, a teacher came up with a fun way to help kids understand the orbits of planets in the solar system. The toy he produced became AstroJax, and “the new yo-yo” was born.

Many have tried to come up with a playable fire version, but we believe we have finally succeeded. After years of development, we finally came on a simple idea that solved all the issues needed to make an orbital tool.

If you haven’t tried AstroJax, we strongly recommend you get a set [here], before trying PyroJax. Or at least see what they’re about.

The basis behind this tool is the free-floating center wick. This allows the tied wick to “orbit” the center while the other end is held. This model allows you to use two free-floating wicks in the “monkey knuckles” moves.

We strongly recommend gloves for use with this tool. Particularly if you intend to burn all three wicks at once. However, you can light just the center or the end to get crazy fire and have people guessing. You can light two of them and have beautiful orbits and trick shows, or go for three and juggle, knuckle and spin to your heart’s content.

Three all-kevlar cathedral wicks on a 3 foot kevlar string make this a reliable tool that you can throw into a pocket and use hot or cold, anytime. Replacement strings available.

For more information about the PyroJax, check out the article in The Bear Blog.

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