Rope Dart End


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The rope dart is an interesting tool. Just add some weight to a length of rope and you have a weapon you can retrieve and use over and over.

The fire version is about the same thing, except that you can’t attach most ropes to the wick directly. That’s where this bit of hardware comes into play. A foot of our highest strength ball chain (or welded chain, your choise) keep the fire away from the rope while providing spin relief as well. The wicks have been selected for best performance in the most popular weight categories: our large sized with the rounder Solaris shape, our original Solaris wick, or our Death Star wick. All you need to do is add your favorite rope and go.

“A lot of people who perform rope dart are REALLY particular about the rope they use; and rightfully so. If you watch these guys, the rope goes everywhere, and often depends on precise friction and whatnot. The fire part, on the other hand, is usually problematic for them. That’s where this comes in. Bearclaw’s here to help.” -Tedward

Sold as single wick plus chain.

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Lg. Solaris, Full Solaris, Death Star


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