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The Rope Torch packs a whole lot into a small package. Based on the idea of a meteor hammer, this tool was intended to solve a few of the problems inherent with the solid rope design. But instead, it became a sensation all on it’s own.

First, we start with two 12″ spinning torches. These give sensual, controlled show that torch spinners are accustomed to. But then with 5 feet of rope between the torches they turn into a very interesting tool. Similar to a meteor, you get poi and staff moves. Plus the extra weight of the torch handles make neck wraps, poi moves and throws feel more like a martial tool than a basic rope model. But also, the torch handles allow you to control the flame on one end to perform some rope dart moves.

But not everyone likes the short handles, and there’s always someone who wants bigger wicks. So we have options for both. We strongly recommend going with the longer handles if you’re going to order the bigger wicks.

“This tool started with the performer below. He performed with a meteor for a month and burned through two tools by the end of it. I looked at the break points, and they were exactly the same: just above the curve of the wick at the end. The rope torch started as a way to solve this problem. I was just going to put metal shafts there, but tossed in the spinning balls on a whim. In a flash we knew it was just right.” -Tedward
See it in action! Below is a movie clip taken of a Rope Torch performance.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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