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Finally, a breather’s bottle that meets Bearclaw, NAFAA, and FM standards for delivering fuel. This bright red, high-density, high-heat, plastic bottle is shatterproof and crush resistant with a wonderfully simple brass mechanism that delivers a mouthul of fuel in less than a second. Bottle is gravity armed, so it must be inverted to deliver fuel. Spout must be activated to release fuel, but the mechanism is easy enough to be activated with the mouth. Finally, a bubble stopper prevents free flow at any time, for a third level of safety.

Small bottles are available in half pint size with an easy-grip dimpled exterior. They are, without question, entirely different in both look and feel from any water or soda bottle that might be found around a dark fuel station. The brass fittings are easily disassembled for cleaning or to change internal seals.

Now ships with an alternate screw-in lid that turns this fuel delivery bottle into a fuel storage bottle.

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