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The Bearclaw Sunhoop brand fire hoop is a high grade hula hoop with 6 small hybrid wicks attached to it on spines. All hoops are 1″, high-heat, high density, plastic in 3 pieces with connectors allowing them to be broken down for shipping. A mild heat source and tape may be required for assembly. This model has evenly distributed wicks on 6″ spines.

Our standard hoop design has removable spines that can be unintentionally removed. However, because of overwhelming demand we are still offering models with fixed spines. There’s no fear of the wicks or the hoop coming off the spines. All the same safety once assembled, but the removable spines are built for rapid removal and re-assembly so you can take them off for dipping or storage. Plus you can use the hoop without the spines and put them on later.

Our standard hoops ship with aluminum struts to save both weight and cost, but we offer several options for complete customization:

  • Aluminum – At one third the weight of steel, aluminum is the lightest and cheapest offering (shipping weight of Sunhoop 6 is about 2 pounds), but it’s also the lowest strength and hardness.
  • Titanium – All the strength of stainless steel at half the weight, titanium is the most expensive option, but by far the favorite of those that use it.
  • High Carbon Steel – About twice the strength of stainless steel, and slightly higher weight, this affordable option gives absolutely the best strength possible and adds some weight for those who favor a heavier hoop.
  • Safety Flex – The safety flex spines are another innovation by Bearclaw that provide all the convenience of a flexible spine with all the safety and security you’d expect from Bearclaw. Read all about them here.

We break down each hoop into pieces for shipping. The basic connectors are not intended for regular breakdown and reassembly. An alternative to the basic connectors are our quick-connects [see large image]. These one-button snaps allow you to break down your hoop in seconds, pack your hoop or easily store it in a car.

Connectors are positioned around the hoop for rotational stability. Internationally shipped hoops must be shipped in 3 pieces.


 “The Sunhoop 4 may have been the first fire hoop ever. We were asked by a local hooper to allow her to hoop with fire. 3-4 models later and we had the basic model of this hoop. since then we’ve tweaked the design a bit, added removable spines, and had to figure out how to break down the hoops for shipping. Yet, for over a decade, these hoops have been the representational standard for the industry.” -Tedward


lg_solaris_spineOur basic sunhoops have longer spines available, and kevlar wick options. You can order spines in the old 9″ length or you can get 6″ spines for a tighter spin and stiffer spines, even in aluminum. The kevlar wicks are miniature versions of our Solaris wicks. The flame size is a little bit smaller than our hybrid wicks, but you can use any fuel you like on them.


Download care and maintenance instructions: in PDF

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Quick Connects

0, 3

Spine Type

Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Safety Flex

Hoop size

9.5\' c (36"d/92cm), 10\' c (38"d/97cm), 10.5c (40"d/101cm), 11\'c (42"d/106cm)


Fixed, Removable

Wick type

Hybrid, Solaris


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