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The Sunhoop Ring was one of our first hoop offerings, but we started having issues shipping as the original did not come apart. The Ring II adds a bunch of little tricks that we’ve picked up over the years that allow us to offer a break-down hoop that’s easy to ship, use, and transport.

Like the rest of the Sunhoop line, we start with 1″ HDPE tubing for best heat resistance and strength. We add 9 aluminum spines at 9″ long. (We can make them shorter, but no one’s ever requested that). These spines are even removable, so you can take this down to a plain hoop. AND we put three quick connects in the hoop to allow it to break down. The 5/8″ all-kevlar rope wick attaches over the break points for a full circle. You get complete collapsibility. Update Sep ’17: we are now including a hybrid option for those looking for longer burn times and alcohol based fuels.

Unlike other hoops, including the Quad, this hoop creates a convection current while it’s burning. The heat given off by this hoop to the hooper is intense. We do not recommend this model for beginner fire performers. Even experienced performers will want to gradually work up to a full burn.

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Weight 3 lbs
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Rope, Hybrid


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