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The Big Show is a multi-part tool that allows you to select what you need, now, then snap together something else quick.  The ‘Show packs in 11 peices that are no longer than 18″ total length.  So it will pack into one of our Deluxe Fuel Stations, or a backpack with room to spare.

What makes the ‘Show hard to classify is also it’s biggest strength.  These individual pieces can be put together in the following ways, sometimes 2 or 3 of them at a time:

  • Bo Staff – 5 part staff just over 5′ long with 3″ wicks on either end
  • Jo Staff – 3-part staff with 3″ wicks about 4 long
  • Double staves – a pair of 3′ staves about 3′ long each with 3″ wicks
  • Poi handles – Warning, may be considered illegal nunchacku if connected with the included quick link.
  • Long poi handles – Warning, may be considered obsenely long, illegal nunchacku if connected with the included quick link.
  • Torches – a pair of heavyweight, 18″ spinning juggling torches with wood ball handles.
  • Long torches – a pair of heavyweight, 28″ spinning juggling torches with wood ball handles.
  • and it may not stop there, you might be able to make your own new tool.
  • Combine two ‘Shows to make things like 3-section staves.

Yeah, that’s right, 4 absolutely unique shows, and some variety within.  Now you see why we couldn’t call this, well, anything common, really.  the Big Show is the new king in our line of crossover tools.  If you have a long bag, it packs down to about the size of a pair of 3′ staves; a backpack – less than 18″.

While most of these connectors use the “crutch” connectors of our adjustable staff line, the design of this beast is very different.  The connectors are entirely internal, like our break-apart hoops.  So, instead of limiting your moves with the 5′ staff, you can vault with it and apply preassure in all directions without fear of failure.

Ships in 11 pieces, price is per one unit assembly.

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