Titanium Powder (4oz.)


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Ever want to add a little magic to your fire show? Maybe Titanium is just what you need. Tiny bits of titanium metal, when exposed to a hot enough flame (like petrol fires), will burn out in a short lived blaze of yellow-white-blue light. It doesn’t burn without a major heat source so it doesn’t qualify as a fuel or pyrotechnic.

So what? Well, rub just a little bit of this on a wet wick and turn your tool into a sparkling wonder. The titanium will release slowly over several burns, or more rapidly if the wick is jostled, struck or otherwise abused. It’s Titanium that gives the extra sparkle to our famous video introducing the parasol, and the one below.

This 4 oz. (113g) container is enough cover several large wicks (like the combat swords), or many small ones. Just sprinkle sparingly on a wick that has been soaked and spun out then rub into the kevlar. Light up and get ready for the fireworks.

May 2010- After a long hiatus, we have this item back in stock. The new supplier is a magician from the orient who takes much pride in their product. This new batch is very fine powder, of very consistent size and quality. The result: no big, nasty cornflakes popping off and burning your skin and clothes. Just little, predictable sparks. In the video below, just the smallest quantity was used to achieve the displayed effect. More can be used if desired.


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