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Having an open flame source can be very handy for fire performers. But the problem with a lot of oil lamps is that they don't really seal up properly, so you can't just throw them in your backpack. Well you can with this one.

For over a decade, we've been trying to find the perfect little lamp that will burn for at least 4 hours, is easy to fill, easy to re-wick and stores nicely. This one has it all. This aluminum based can is very lightweight, and has an inner seal that holds the wick. Just unscrew the cap, pour in some fuel and light. Tested with white gas, lamp oil and kero. when you're done, screw the cap back on firmly and you have a spill resistant container, ready for next time.

When it's time to replace the wick (we start you with plenty), just insert needle nosed pliers, or some folding tools into two of the drain holes and pull straight up. POP! The seal comes off and you can switch wicks.

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