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The Pyrojax were one of the longest running tools in the development stage. Usually, we put something on the board and it’s off in under a year. The Pyrojax spent several years on the dev. table before we were happy with the design.

I know, they look stupid simple, and in many ways they are.  But you’ll notice they don’t look anything like their their non-fire counterparts: Astrojax.  And that’s what took so long.

By trying to come up with a design where the string went through the wicks AND had a smooth flowing action that didn’t destroy the string immediately, we hit a number of walls.  Even when we managed to get a toroidal (donut shaped) design that had a decent flow, the fire cooked the strings, ropes, wires, etc. And getting a flow that got approved by the makers of Astrojax was damn difficult.

So, the biggest issue was that circular wicks form a convection current that’s very hot on the inside.  We couldn’t get a string that was high enough heat to resist these temps yet still have a nice smooth play. That’s why the change in the design.  Just that little metal loop was enough to separate the flame enough to take the heat off the string.  But it brought us back to a design that kinda looks a lot like a bunch of other tools.  *sigh*

Another good long drink from the Cup of Get Over Yourself.  :)

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