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Settling in

Okay, the store is pretty much as I like it, Hope you like it too.  Please let me know if you have problems, or would like to see things that we forgot to migrate over.

And speaking of new toys, here’s what’s on the workbench:
Devil Stix- a new lighter weight version that’s a lot stiffer and snappier for pro users.
Hollow eating torches – we support the new moves!
Fangers (still working on the title) a simple device that turns a set of fire fingers into a pair of fans.

The down side to the website is that all the goo-gaws conflicted with the old site and we had to take it down.  In the process, we lost the user list for the newsletter, so we’ll have to rebuild the whole thing again.  You can get on the newsletter list at the bottom of any store page or click here.


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