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Sunhoop ring

The sunhoop ring has a long and strange story.  When we first introduced them, we tried getting local hoopers to try them. One person cut hers up in a pattern that became the Quad, one let it get damaged in a car accident, another demanded that it be destroyed, declared it “evil” and converted to hardcore christianity.  We shipped a couple.  The last one to ship ran us several times the cost of the hoop to get there.  Since most people don’t want to spend $400-500 for shipping across the country, we decided to cancel the model.

Well, years go by, and we picked up a few tricks.  Even make a Sunhoop Quad with removable spines.  This lead me to finally take a crack at Cyr wheels.  We’ve converted two wheels to fire Cyrs (look for the conversion kit on the site soon).  And that effort pulled together all the tools and tricks necessary to re-introduce the Sunhoop Ring.  Good timing too, since abuzz about them was started by a hooper on Glee.  Turns out, she might have been using one of the one’s we shipped.

So, we re-introduce them now.  First, we start with a collapsible hoop with 3 quick-connects.  This allows the hoop to break down into manageable pieces.  Next aluminum 9″ spines for light weight (don’t get me wrong, it’s still a heavy hoop, but we didn’t want to make it heavier), sufficient separation and we have managed to make them removable too.  Each bank of wicks and spines connect across the hoop breaks to the next bank making one solid wick going round.  Standard 1/4″ – 20 wing nuts connect everything together and make it ready to use.

We threw up a video of the one hooper to master the Sunhoop Ring, to our knowledge (before the Glee video).  She says the experience is pretty intense.  What you can’t see in the video is her hair lifting up from the convection updraft.  This thing gives off a LOT of heat.  Plus, there’s no where to grab the hoop that isn’t near the heat.  So, good, fire resistant clothing, gloves and wet hair are recommended.

Seriously, this thing is freaking dangerous.  Don’t take this lightly.  The video is titled “Death Hoop” for a damn good set of reasons.

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