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Winter Blues

Every year about this time, business slows down.  I imagine our customers looking out dim windows to view snow covered streets and yards. So it’s really not their fault for not ordering.  I like to use the time to finish things around the house, change a light socket, fix a window, etc.

But one thing I notice, year after year, is that the people who order most this time of year are repeat customers.  Yup, we don’t get as many first-time buyers in winter, but the people who have purchased here before are the ones to show up and help us pay the rent.

You have no idea what it means to me when I hear “we used to buy from these other guys, but your stuff is the tops”.  And it certainly warms the heart to see familiar names pop up again and again.  And we’d like to keep you coming back (and maybe bringing a few friends), so please, drop us a line and tell us how we could make you a little bit happier.


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