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Wonderful wordpress

Some of you may know that I’m on the NAFAA council.  A few of you may guess that I run the NAFAA website too.  Well, it was some time back that NAFAA council was talking about website renovation.  The topic of WordPress came up.  I, naturally, foo-foo-ed it as any good hand-coder would do.  :)  But, like a good skeptic, I looked into it anyway.


If you pay any kind of attention, I think you can see that I rather quickly adopted it for the Bear blog.  But I had some problems: the old server was using outdated programs so I had to have an old version of WordPress.  It wasn’t a tremendously pleasant experience.  That version wasn’t supported.  So, you WP freaks out there can imagine what it would be like running WP without access to new themes, widgets, etc.  Nevertheless, I saw some promise.


Well, a few more issues with the old server farm and I was suddenly ready to locate a different web host with features like: modern software, phone support.. heck, just support, and the ability to use any application I desired.  I found it.  And I moved websites over one by one in order of complexity.  This one was last.


This new server farm has it’s ups and downs.  And the directions they gave to migrate over here were not working.  I tried a lot of things before attempting the move.  None of them worked.  But I discovered a shopping cart widget on the WP site and gave it a go.  I think everyone will be happy with the results.  Looks like we’re golden (ish).


Who would have thought I’d give up my hand-coding ways to migrate entirely over to WordPress?  Certainly not me.  But one mantra of coding is to never re-invent the wheel.  You only write code for the things you NEED.  And that’s certainly the case with this application.  I think i like “easy”.  We’ll try it out for a while…

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